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March 13, 2008



Welcome back to the world wide web! Hope you, Marcy and the girls are settling in to the new life. Post pics of the new surroundings soon -- your cold friends in St Louis would love to see some warm suniness!


I moved to Miami from the Northeast, where I learned to drive on the MOST DANGEROUS STRETCH of I-95, and I have to say the drivers in Miami were far worse than anything I've seen in Boston, New York, or Philly. It seemed like furniture was always falling off vehicles, its the only place I saw a luxury vehicle IN FLAMES on the side of the highway, and when I listened to the radio it was always "three mattresses and an abandoned wheelchair are causing traffic on I-95." Insanity! I once pulled onto the highway behind a pickup that featured 4 kids and 2 dogs sitting in the pickup truck section. Which in part explains why insurance rates are so damn high. Also notice that drivers, unused to hilly terrain, will noticeably slow near any section of roadway that they can not see beyond. Awesome. I was so glad when I left.

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