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November 13, 2008



What's America's proper way to dispose of a flag? And is it law or tradition?

Joe the plumber

So what its a cloth flag? It's not like its your constitution, infact you should burn a flag yourself to celebrate your freedom to do so.


Where I used to work, we would take worn out flags to the local VFW or such and let them do it in the "proper" way (burning, I believe). It is only tradition (and shouldn't be law, in my opinion). I agree w/ "Joe the Plumber" that it is only a symbol and not the country itself. We all should enjoy the right to burn, or wear, or wipe our ass with the flag if we choose. However, we also have to accept responsibility for our actions and the interpretation of those actions by witnesses.


"I guess McDonald's only respects our flag on Veteran's Day and other holidays when they can turn a buck." << Did you ever doubt that???

Here's some news: Businesses exist to make money. Other concerns are always secondary.


According to US Flag Code. TITLE 4 > CHAPTER 1 > Sec. 8(k). It states:

"The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning".

Your local VFW, American Legion, or Scout organization can help you with this. There are several very dignified ceremonies that are used by these groups. If you should happen to drop a used flag ask them when their next ceremony will be and if you could attend. The cermonies are very patriotic and sometimes quite emotional if any of your relatives are or were veterans.


I can't say I blame him. The only reason I know the proper way to retire a flag is from being in Boy Scouts and a couple of obscure books. I cannot imagine a large portion of the general populace knows the correct way.

Chris Orr

If the flag is their property they have the right to dispose of it in any way they please. It's just a flag. You should be 100 times more indignified at all the fat American children McDonald's throws away.


Maybe the biggest offense is a college student using the word "indignified."


This just makes me sad... I was never a boy scout, but I remember learning the proper way to take down a flag, fold it and carry it away from school.
Do they not teach this anymore? I fear for the future of my children.


Admittedly, I'm not too proud of the image that America has earned itself in recent years, but my mother even worried about those little vinyl lawn flags falling over onto the ground.

Realistically, your story and photos look like prime-time TV news material to me...need some buzz for your blog? ;)


I am a general manager @ a McDonald's in Colorado. To tell the sad truth the first time I had my crew take down an old flag they were just going to throw it away. they didn't understand why I got upset about it. yeah its just a some cloth that we can throw away, but thats not the point the point is what it repersents. we take the meaning of it for granted the same way we take our freedom for granted sometimes. We need to respect the soilders who wear that cloth on their uniforms, because when they see that cloth they know that, that symbol is a symbol for freedom that every person on this plant has a right to. I am making sure that my family's next generation understands the meaning of that cloth this 4th of July. i hope you do the some.


I severd my country and fought in two theaters of operation for the rights of my country. how dare any of you refer to the American Flag as just a piece of cloth!!! whats next book burning? after all its just paper, right? and while your at it let's have a nice old fashion cross burning! it's just wood right? you so called americans that have lost the respect of this country, and yes, its symbols that were paid for by the blood of it's sons and layed upon the alter of freedom, can pack up your swastikas and carry your jack booted nazi asses back to the fatherland. you should be ashamed. God bless america!!


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Thanks for the article.
It's good t review the US Flag code
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